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Galleri Mynster

In the midst of Alrø lies the island's old school, which today serves as both a residence and gallery for the artist Tine Mynster. Here, you can experience her colourful acrylic paintings and perhaps engage in a good conversation with the owner herself. And who knows – you might just find the perfect piece of art for your private space.

Colourful visual art on Alrø

Since 2006, Tine Mynster has lived on Alrø with her husband and two boys. Alrø Gamle Skole, formerly the island's school for its few children, now stands at the center of her musical and artistic world. Her door is open to guests who wish to step inside and see or hear her works.

Inside Galleri Mynster, you can explore a selection of her paintings. If you find something particularly intriguing, you have the opportunity to purchase the artworks. Alternatively, you can commission a piece based on your specific size or colour preferences.


Colours conceal stories

Tine Mynster's visual art bears a distinct recognizability and style present in all her works. Her art is abstract, composed of multiple layers of powerful colours, creating beautiful unique paintings where the interplay of colours tells stories, individual and open to free interpretation. The colours encompass gentleness and wildness, light and darkness - as an observer, you should absorb the colours and feel how they affect you.

Tine Mynster paints on canvas and paper for indoor use but also creates beautiful artworks on metal that can withstand wind and weather. It's a great opportunity to acquire a beautiful, decorative piece for the garden or courtyard.


Join an art course

Would you like to learn to paint like Tine Mynster? Tine Mynster hosts day courses and weekend workshops where you'll have the chance to experiment with colors on canvas and paper. Tine Mynster will guide and assist you in creating your own works. Weekend workshops include accommodation at Alrø Gamle Skole.

You can read more about courses at Galleri Mynster on this page.


Tine Mynster's Music

Besides being a visual artist, Tine Mynster is also a trained musician with several albums released. She has created quite a bit of children's music but has, in recent years, focused on music for an adult audience.

You can learn more about Tine Mynster's music and listen to it on this page.

Galleri Mynster regularly hosts house concerts. During these concerts, Tine Mynster will be the performing host, and the guest musicians invited will all be songwriters with something to share. Musicians and the audience are close to each other, and magic fills the old schoolroom on these evenings.


Opening Hours

Galleri Mynster is generally open on weekends if she is at home. The gallery is open when the sign is displayed by the road. You can check the current opening hours on Galleri Mynster's website.


Stay at the old school

On the first floor of Alrø's old school (Alrø Gamle Skole), Galleri Mynster offers accommodation in cozy, newly renovated double rooms. Read more about the rooms and make bookings through Airbnb.


About Alrø

Galleri Mynster is located in the heart of Alrø on the island's main street, Alrøvej. You cannot miss the gallery as you move through the island. Alrø offers a charming and idyllic island atmosphere with thatched timber-framed houses and sea views on all sides. The island is particularly known for its fine dining but is also popular among hikers and cyclists on the Fjordminoen and Cykelruten Horsens Fjord.

You can find inspiration for your trip to Alrø on this page.

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