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Galleri Unicorn

Lene Stevns Jensen carves jewellery out of narwhal and mammoth tusks, and she creates unique works in stoneware and bronze, many of them adorned with tusks.

Lene Stevns Jensen's works can be purchased at the Galleri Unicorn, a warm and evocative gallery and working studio where she also gladly explains her work and her material.

Drawing inspiration from the special beauty, the colours and structures of the materials used, Lene Stevns Jensen's hallmark is the unusual and unique combination of clay and tusk.

Travelling to, and living in, foreign countries and cultures is a major source of inspiration to Lene Stevns Jensen. She has lived in Greenland, Syria and on Svalbard, as well as spent periods of time as a visiting lecturer at the Beijing Art Academy in China. She has also been employed with the University of Fairbanks, Alaska, and the Banff Center for the Arts in the Rocky Mountains, Canada.

Photo by Kresten Roesdahl

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