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Gallery Kronens Hede

The Little Family Gallery in Nationalpark Thy

If you are on a trip to the National Park, try to lay the tour around Kronens hede north of Vang and visit our little gallery. It's small, but we aim to make the exhibition good.


Ernst Kempf shows his woodwork, preferably turned in local wood. It's handicrafts, jewelry and utility items.

Suzette Hugo Kempf, his daughter, exhibits her paintings and cuttings, happy, colorful and imaginative.

Katinka Olrik, his granddaughter makes drawings and cuttings, critical to our society and our way of life.


If your goal is to visit our exhibition, you will at the same time have the opportunity to see part of our lovely national park.



Mobil: +45 6062 4242

Web: www.thydrejer.dk

Instagram: thydrejeren



Mobil: +45 2170 5299

Web: suzette-kempf.dk              



Mobil: +45 8140 5027

Instagram: katinka.olrik 



We are open all year round from 9am-5pm, but only when we are at home.

Therefore, preferably call ahead on +45 6062 4242 or send a mail.


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