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Gammel Havn - 0,6 km

A small tour of about a kilometer around the old harbor at Sydfur.

Old Harbor

A small tour of almost a kilometer around the old harbor at Sydfur.

In 1911, the inhabitants of Fur built a harbor at Koldkilde.
The port continued to have problems with sanding, and it was abandoned in the mid-1950s. In the red house from 1925 on Hindkærvej 5, an exhibition has been set up about Gammelhavn and the Limfjord, as well as the development of fjord fishing.
The short walking route goes around the area where the old port was located, partly on the road and partly along the beach.

The route is marked with green arrows.

In addition to being part of the Fur Museum's exhibition, Gammel Havn is a cozy nature area where you can relax and enjoy an excellent example of the wonderful nature that can be found at Fur.

In the summer there are beaches where you can bathe, at Gammelhavn.

P: Gammel Havn (N 56° 48.781’, E 8° 58.715’)
L: 0,6 km
Marking: Green


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