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The Giants Backyard - Jætternes Baghave

Jætternes Baghave is easily translated into "The Giants' Backyard". When you see the place, which is located in Rold Skov, you can see why the name make sense. 

The more than hundred-year-old douglas and sitka trees are majestic. Their spruces form an area reminiscent of the large coniferous forests known from other Nordic countries.

The area is surrounded by a well-growing self-seeded stand of especially Douglas fir.

The majestic conifers are the tallest trees in the forest and here you can experience a silence, where the only thing you can hear are your own breath, the wind in the trees and the birds singing. Try to stand still, close your eyes and listen. It is completely quiet. Then open your eyes, look up and see how the conifers sway in the wind. It’s a magnificent nature experience.

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