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Glass - Museum of Glass Art

Glass - Museum of Glass is an international museum of modern glass art, beautifully situated in the town of Ebeltoft. All year round, you get to experience changing exhibits of world-class glass art. The museum’s permanent collection comprises more than 1,600 pieces from around the world.

In Glas - Museum of Glass Art you can experience the latest development in modern glass art with regard to contemporary works as well as to ground-breaking and new, interesting trends.

The Cosmic Space

The Cosmic Space is a permanent installation. Here, you get to experience works by the Faroese painter and sculptor, Tróndur Patursson, who is an adventurer and an explorer, as well. Along with the British historian, Tim Severin, he was part of all of seven historical expeditions at sea.

In 1993, the aim of the expedition was to sail from China to the US on a bamboo raft. The journey lasted 106 days, and during that time, the men were isolated from the world and surrounded by incredible forces of nature.

Being far from everyone and everything and surrounded by the power of the sea inspired Tróndur Patursson to create The Cosmic Space at Glas - Museum of Glass, in which you get the sensation of stepping into a weightless room, the moment you set foot in the space.

Experience the craftsmanship in the workshop

In the beautiful garden you'll find the museum's glass workshop. Here you can experience the enchanting process from liquid glass to finished work as the museum's permanent glassblowers work to create beautiful products. Sometimes the workshop is the setting for collaborations and development projects with guest artists. During school holidays, there are often activities for the public.


Visit the Glass Shop and find the perfect gift among the country's largest selection of handmade glass, design and unique items created by Danish and international glass artists and designers.

Drop by the museum and take part in some of the many activities the museum has for the whole family.

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