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Glass wokshop at Event4U

Every day, you can join a glass workshop at Event4U and create creative glass art.

At Event4U, you can unleash your creativity and find both flow and balance. In the spacious heated workshop, there's room for thinking big, wildly, deeply, and in detail. This boundless creative expression provides a heartwarming experience that will benefit everyone.

You can explore various art forms, including glass art, ceramics, painting, and whatever else you come up with along the way. There's space for up to 20 creative guests.

About Event4U

Event4U is the collective term for this unique multi-business that offers accommodation, a café, as well as activities and experiences, including a glass workshop, shop, gallery, and stays with wine and wilderness baths.

Located in Nordmors, close to the Limfjord, in the hilly landscape near Ejerslev Harbor and the sea cliffs, the area is a fantastic place for exploring nature. With nature as the backdrop, Event4U can tailor your event, whether it's a family gathering, company outing, hiking trip – even on wheels, bachelor/bachelorette party, or quality time and holidays for couples, families with children, friends, and companions.

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