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Green ring trail between Grejsdalen and Tirsbæk Bakker

Path for cyclists and pedestrians that connects the Grejsdalen and Tirsbæk areas. The tour goes along both new and old paths and is about 12 km long.

The Green Ring Trail is 12 km long and is open to cyclists and pedestrians. The trail takes you on a journey through Grejsdalen, over the residential area near Bredballe, and through the Tirsbæk Hills to Tirsbæk Beach. The ambition is to connect the trail so that it eventually forms a ring.

Parts of the route go through an enclosure with horses. Keep a good distance from the horses.

Until the ring trail is officially connected, it is recommended to follow Strandvejen between Vejle city and Tirsbæk Beach. There is a bicycle path the entire way.

The Ring Trail was created in close cooperation with Dandy Business Park, Tirsbæk Gods, the Tirsbæk Bakker residential area, and the Slotsager Homeowners Association.

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