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The Gudenå Path: From the source of the Gudenå to Uldum Marsh

Follow Gudenåen through protected natural areas on this signposted hiking route from Tinnet Krat to Uldum Kær. Experience the very special type of nature that characterises this stretch of Gudenåen with meadows, ponds and oak forests and lots of beautiful landscapes.

Hiking route through the beautiful nature along Gudenåen

Lace up your hiking boots and head out on this recommendable route along the first stretch of Gudenåen from its sources in the large watershed, through the Gudenåen valley to Tørring and onto the large and unique bog area at Uldum. The 20.4-kilometre hike is clearly waymarked since there are quite a few routes here that are connected to each other. 


Explore the great watershed

About 10 kilometres west of Tørring, spring water continuously trickles up from the ground in the thicket known as Tinnet Krat. In two places, actually. One source marks the start of Denmark's most voluminous stream, Skjernåen. The other, 100 metres away, is the source of Gudenåen, Denmark’s only “river”. Here, at the source of Gudenåen, a hiking route also start which eventually will lead all the way to Randers Fjord.

Tinnet Krat and the great watershed is a large, protected nature area which is located where Hærvejen meets the water sources. The landscape is a mixture of meadows, oak forests, heaths and pastures, making up a distinctive and beautiful landscape. Here, at the springs, you also find the remains of Denmark's first water park which, for many years, was a major attraction where you could swim in the spring water. Very close to the source, you can go to the visit farm Tinnetgaard that has a farm shop and a café. 

From the springs, the route continues through the Gudenåen valley where there are several spots with beautiful views of the area. Part of the journey is along footpaths through the valley wetlands. For this reason, the area can be very wet at times and you need to consider your choice of footwear.


Tørring – the starting point of the canoe trip

Halfway along the route is Tørring where you can stock up or enjoy a good meal at one of the restaurants in town. Tørring is the starting point of the popular canoe trips on Gudenåen. For this reason, the stretch leading past Tørring Camping and Tørring Canoe Rental is a favourite and well-known place for Danish canoeists.

If the 20-kilometre route is a stretch, you can start the hike in Tørring.


Uldum Kær

From Tørring, you walk through flat meadows to the 1050-hectare Natura-2000 area, Uldum Kær. The area has a rich and unique animal and plant life and you can easily observe it from the erected bird towers. East of Uldum Kær, you find the town of Uldum. Here, you can visit Uldum Mølle Museum, where you can enjoy an exhibition on Uldum Kær and the peat excavation that took place in the area over centuries.


Follow the route on a digital map

You can follow the route through nature with this digital map via the gps function on your smartphone. 


Part of something bigger

From its beginning to Uldum Kær, the path of Gudenåstien will eventually be the first stage in a 170- kilometre-long hiking route that takes you all the way to Randers Fjord, where Gudenåen meets the Kattegat. Already, most of the route is ready. For example, you can visit the beautiful route from Voervadsbro to Emborg which has the beautiful, wooded and hilly landscapes of Søhøjlandet.


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