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Hanstholm Lighthouse

Hanstholm Lighthouse was the first lighthouse in Denmark and for a period the world's most powerful.

Hanstholm Lighthouse was built in 1842-43 near Hansted Church high on Hanstholmknuden. South of the lighthouse, a residence for the lighthouse keeper was built, and the adjoining garden is a glorious, sheltered spot where visitors can take a rest and eat the food they have brought with them.

The lighthouse is built to guide the ships in the dangerous journey around Hanstholmknuden, but it also serves as the city's landmark that guides us forward and welcomes us. The lighthouse is 23 m high, and thanks to its high location, the lighthouse emits light at a height of 65 m above sea level.

Hanstholm Lighthouse was Denmark's first rotating lens lighthouse, where the light was refracted by means of lenses and collected in beams. In 1889, the lighthouse was no longer up to date, the lighthouse was raised and the lens apparatus was electrified as the first in Denmark. A clockwork caused the device to rotate and flash, and the lighthouse then, as now, showed three short flashes every 10 seconds.

The lighthouse at this time was the brightest in the whole world. The new technology was considerably more extensive, and the building complex was expanded considerably, including engine rooms for the steam engines. There was also a telegraph station and weather service attached to the lighthouse. The light from Hanstholm Lighthouse was thus important for the passing ships, but the lighthouse also had other key functions for traffic at sea.

During World War II, the lighthouse was forced to be extinguished at the request of the German occupying forces, which had a large fortification at Hanstholm. When Hanstholm Harbor was inaugurated in 1967, the brightness of the lighthouse lamps had to be reduced so as not to dazzle the ships and cutters that called at the harbor. The light of the lighthouse can now be seen approx. 40 km away and is still the most powerful in Denmark.

Visit the lighthouse
Hanstholm Lighthouse is still in operation, but the operation is fully automated. There is access to the lighthouse during the day; from here there are wide views of the northern part of the national park. After a thorough restoration of the lighthouse, Nationalpark Thy has an exhibition room at the lighthouse right next to Hanstholm Tourist Information in the old machine hall.

There is access to the lighthouse all year round at 9-18, and in the summer it is open to the showrooms at. 10-17.

The Hanstholm Lighthouse of the future works with art, nature and people. The lighthouse is the meeting place for professionals and local forces, who together explore and convey the relationship between nature, art and man, as it unfolds in the present, and has unfolded in history.

"Nature in art and the art in nature" is the starting point for the activity, reflection, contemplation and communication that is the lighthouse's very special DNA. Hanstholm Lighthouse is located as a marker and landmark for Denmark's Northwesternmost point. The lighthouse is located at the northern boundary to National Park Thy and Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve with views of large pristine dunes and the North Sea.

Accessibility for all - handicap friendly path

An approximately 600 meter long handicap-friendly path from the car park by Hanstholm Lighthouse to the slope over the reserve makes it possible for everyone to experience the magnificent view of Hanstholm Wildlife Reserve and Thy National Park. The path has two places where you can make stops along the way with handicap-friendly tables and benches.


New! Now you can spend the night at Hanstholm Lighthouse

Peace and quiet on the lighthouse in one of the assistant building's four apartments, which contains an entrance hall, kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom and a view of the North Sea. Incl. Linens and towels. Pets are not allowed.



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