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Hiking in Rold Skov / Rold Forest

With an abundance of trails and sights in Rold Forest and Rebild Bakker, there is something for everyone! The hiking trails are marked with yellow or white markings on trees and posts, to make navigation in the forest easy.  

Download the map over the Hiking trails in Rold Skov. 

The map, by the Danish Nature Agency, will show the trails in the state-owned part of Rold Forest. OBS. the map is only available in Danish.   

Trails in Rold Forest

The hiking trails in the forest have been marked with either white or yellow. Other trails in the area might not be marked, but you can of course still hike on them. 

'Rebild Bakker Ruten' is probably the best known trail in the area, and with good reason, as it takes you through some of the highlights of the area. It is 10.8 km long and marked with white on the map and out on the trail. 

In Nørreskoven and Bjergeskoven, just north of Rebild, you can find a number of yellow trails which will take you to the spring Lille Blåkilde and several burial mounds from the Neolithic Age and Bronze Age. In the forest you will find a significant difference in elevation, meaning that your hike will go a bit up and down, with some great views along the way. 

South of Rebild, around and close to the lake St. Økssø, you will also find some wonderful trails, marked with yellow. Here you can find some of the most renowned sinkholes in the forest. This part of the forest is also very old, meaning that you will find some of the largest and highest trees here, especially at Jætternes Baghave (23).  

Sights in the area of Rebild Bakker and Rold Forest

On the map, the different sights have been divided into four categories;

  • The limestone (Kalken)
  • Cultural History (Kulturhistorien)
  • The Forest (Skoven)
  • The Water (Vandet)

On the map, the different sights have been divided into four categories. Moreover, each sight is numbered and corresponds with the number on the map. The overview can be found on the bottom left side of the map. The four categories are as follows:

The Limestone: Places where you can experience the limestone in Rebild Bakker, such as Thingbaek Limestone Mines (1).

Cultural History: Locations where you can experience part of the Danish culture and history, e.g. Lars Kjær House (8) and the Lincoln Log Cabin (9).  

The Forest: Shows where you can find the most famous parts of the forest such as Troldeskoven (known as troll forest or magic forest, (17)), and Frueskoen (the Lady Slipper) in Bjergeskoven (20).

The Water: indicates the location of the springs and lakes in the area, such as Ravn Kilden (29), Lille Blåkilde (30) and Store Økssø (37).

View the map of Rold Skov here

If you have any questions regarding the area or want suggestions on where to hike, you can always contact or swing by RebildPorten

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