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Hiking: Vokslev Culture and Nature Trail

Taking a trip around Binderup Å is an experience in itself. The route is scenic, and contains exciting, geological finds near the Vokslev limestone trench, as well as a long history near Huul Mill.

If you are on the lookout for dinosaur remains, this might be a good place to start! The limestone trench, like most limestone trenches in Northern Jutland, have been excavated wherever the forces of nature have exposed and released the subsoil.

In the area near Vokslev, the creek called Binderup Å has been eroding away at the land since the last ice age, creating a small valley. Both chalk from the Cretaceous Period and limestone from the Cenozioc Era can be found in the area.

International significance

The border between the Cretaceous Period’s and the Cenozoic Era’s sedimentation make the trench something unique, and makes this small, local find internationally significant for global geology studies. You can even find an excavation near Binderup Å, where you can see the layers.

Huul Mølle

The mill near Huul is mentioned for the first time in 1440, under the name Gudtzgift – meaning God’s gift – and was at that time the property of Viborg Cathedral. The name was later changed to Huul, which is assumed to refer to a nearby street name – Hulvejen.

Biking from Aalborg to Vokslev

To get to Vokslev from Aalborg on bike, you can take Limfjordsruten (route 12), which will take you along the fjord, or Bjergbaneruten, which is a more hilly route, from Svenstrup. Both routes meet near Nibe, where you then take Vokslevruten (route 37) the remainder of the way.

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