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HimmerLand - conference

You immediately sense – the very special soul that surrounds HimmerLand. As an oasis in the middle of the heavenly nature, we are ready to make your meeting day very special.

We offer a selection of meeting and conference packages, and we are happy to customize them to meet your specific wishes and needs.

We take pride in making your meeting day something special. Therefore, we have a wide range of team-building activities for both large and small groups.

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Company Day in HimmerLand

Strengthen your collaborations in HimmerLand at our Company Day, where golf and networking go hand in hand in a fantastic setting.

Golf courses of international standard, delicious catering with a private room, tournament management, and much more - we take care of it all for you.

Delicious catering, beautiful golf courses, and excellent service are what you can expect from your Company Day in HimmerLand.

We ensure a successful event for both large and small groups and tailor the event to your wishes and needs. Whether your guests play golf or not, we adjust the day to fit their level.

On the course, we offer various types of catering, whether it's a mobile catering service where you can drive around yourself, or we are happy to take care of that part for you. We also offer service from our Halfway Houses, beautifully located on the courses.

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