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Hjallerup Church

Hjallerup Church was built as the district church in Dronninglund parish, and its construction was completed on the 6th of September 1903.

The church belongs to the category of "twenty-thousand-kroner" churches, which were built in the old heath areas that were cultivated and populated. The budget for these churches was limited to twenty thousand kroner, which is why Hjallerup Church was sparsely furnished. The original altar was adorned with just a simple wooden cross.

In the years around 1968, the church underwent restoration, and only the pulpit and the benches remain from the original interior. The most distinctive feature of the church is the magnificent glass mosaic (by Helle Scarling) decorating the altar. From the lighter outer fields, the colors gather and blend into a flowing stream - representing the stream of life that seems to grow from the bottom and ascend upwards.

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