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Hjarnø Tent Site

Spend the night in the open air at this tent site on Hjarnø that is located in the middle of the beautiful nature right on the shore. Take your tent to this beautiful island in Horsens Fjord to stay just a little longer and take it all in.

Free tenting at Denmark’s second-smallest church

Quite near the harbour is Hjarnø Tent Site which is a large meadow. It is a large, open space with a bonfire pit. Getting to the site is easy as it can be access from both water and land. The site is located next to Hjarnø Kirke which is Denmark’s second-smallest church and Hjarnø Odder where there is a nice beach.


Free and open to everyone

Use of the tent site is free to hikers, cyclists, kayakers and riders. It is possible to tether your horse. Staying the night is free – however, facilities are limited.

There is a toilet and water supply nearby at the church and the harbour which is 300 metres away. Shopping can be done at Hjarnø Camping, 1 kilometre away. You are permitted to stay a maximum of two nights.


Experience Hjarnø

Hjarnø is a small island in Horsens Fjord with lots of beautiful nature and a cosy island atmosphere. The island is quite close to the mainland and the boat trip from Snaptun takes only 5 minutes. There are more than 30 daily ferry departures which means that you can just turn up at the harbour and catch the next ferry. It is possible to combine the visit with a trip to the neighbouring island of Alrø via the small bicycle ferry that sails during the summer season. At Hjarnø, you find eateries and good opportunities for hiking in peaceful nature.


Finding your way to the site

From the harbour, turn right along Østre Kirkevej and walk towards the church. Here, you find the large meadow. Approximately 100 metres on the other side of the church, you find the gallery Galleri Kirkesvinget. Feel free to knock on the door and ask, if you have any questions.


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