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Hjertestien i Jægerspris Slotshegn

Jægerspris Castle FencingThe path begins and ends at Travel stable in Jægerspris or Jægerspris Castle. The trail goes through beautiful historic parties of the palace fence (constructed in 1740'errne) and leads past a series of unique cultural and natural monuments.There are passage graves and dolmens from the Stone Age. Sculptor John Wiedewelt memorials from the 1780s remember well-known Danes and their efforts fæderlandet.The piece from Langelinie Thilkesvej called Countess path. Here you can see the big stone that Countess Danner did travel to remind her on the 12th May 1867 in snow and sleet got stuck here with the horse - and had to walk back to the castle.Several places on the route you can admire the so-called false beeches with their contorted growth. They are descendants of the old, now dead Fasanbøg in Pheasant Haven.On the road through the park east of the castle seen Countess Danner mound.The leaflet is available on the Frederikssund Tourist or Culture Travel stable.

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