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Holstebro Golfklub - one of Denmark's absolute best golf courses

According to the internationally renowned magazine Rolex World's top 1000 Golf Courses, there is no golf course in Denmark that is better than Skovbanen at Holstebro Golf Club.

In the deep peace and quiet of the forest just outside Holstebro, you will find one of Denmark's very best golf courses.

You have three courses to choose from:


The wood course: The championship course (18 holes), which has been voted one of Denmark's best courses several times

The park course: A challenging 9 hole course

The meadow course: A nice pay and play course where everyone is welcome - even if you have not played golf before


The many trees on Skovbanen mean that you will experience a round of golf as a great nature experience.

You do not notice that there are many others out to play golf, because the trees form natural walls between the individual holes. Your concentration is at most interrupted by a pair of deer or red deer running across the field.


Take the hiking trail around the golf course in Raasted

The hiking route "Hjertestien" goes around the golf course. Where the route crosses the golf course, there are signs that say here is the golf course.

Enjoy a nice route through Råsted Plantage with very varied vegetation.

After the hike you can visit the Golf Cafe, where you can enjoy one of the many dishes overlooking the bright and friendly premises of the golf club.


The golf courses at Storådalen

The golf club also has the courses at Storådalen, which is located in scenic surroundings by Storå just outside Holstebro limits:

27 hole golf course,
9 holes Par-3 lanes
associated training facilities


At the courses at Storådalen there are 5 parking spaces for motorhomes.

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