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Horsens Museum

Be captivated by the exciting local history in this museum of cultural history. Gain knowledge about Horsens through three centuries and explore the countless archaeological discoveries and learn more about the much-loved son of Horsens Vitus Bering.

Come discover more about historical Horsens

Horsens is an old city with a proud and exciting history. When you walk through the old city center and see the old buildings and relics of the past, you will get to experience this. When you visit the city, you ought to make a visit to the park Caroline Amalie Lund, where the museum has had is residence since 1915. You can see exciting and varied exhibitions, giving you a better perception of the city from the ancient past until the present.


A glimpse of Horsens

Did you know that Russian royalty have lived in Horsens? What must it have been like to live in Horsens during the occupation? And who were the wealthy merchants behind the beautiful mansions? In this exhibit, you can learn more about the last three centuries, where Horsens was in rapid development.


An archaeological cornucopia

The many burial mounds- and chambers, testify to the fact that humans have been living here for many thousands of years. Through archaeological excavations, the museum has collected an impressive collection with thousands of prehistoric finds, that provide a view into the devolvement of society and lifestyle trough 10.000 years.


Horsens’ world-renowned son

Vitus Bering - one of the world’s greatest explorers. The man behind the largest expedition in history, with more than 10.000 people. He has an ocean named after him – and yes, he was born and raised in Horsens. Come and discover the interesting history of the how the boy from Horsens became a folk hero in Russia.


Explore with Horsens Museum

Horsens regularly arranges events like city walks, guided tours and lectures. At the interesting thematic city walks, you will walk around town and be taught more about the exiting history of Horsens.
Most tours are in Danish, but we offer expert tour guides on a tour of the Prison Museum, where you get a unique behind-the-scenes insight in prison life in Denmark in the past 153 years.

Get an overview of all tours including the tour of the Prison Museum. 


The history of the beautiful settings

Horsens Museum is in the beautiful building from 1915, designed by the local architect Viggo Norn, the man behind many of the buildings which are distinctive and worthy of preservation in Horsens. The museum is placed in the park Caroline Amalie Lund which to this day, is still a popular hang-out spot for the residents in Horsens. In the park there is a nice playground, as well as many beautiful sculptures. It is also where you will find Horsens Art Museum, so why not get a day out of it and combine the visits at the two museums with a picnic at the park.


Museum Pass - visit 4 Horsens museums in 7 days

Experience 4 museums in Horsens with just one ticket: The Museum Pass gives you 7 days access to FÆNGSLET, Denmark's Industrial Museum, Horsens Art Museum and Horsens Museum.
Remember to check opening hours on the individual museum's website before your visit, as some of the museums are closed on Mondays outside the high season.
You can buy the Museum Pass at the entrance to one of the four museums or you can book your Museum Pass online here > 
If you book online, choose the date you want to start using the pass. Remember to print your ticket before going to the museums.

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