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Humlum Fiskerleje & Camping - Marina

Humlum Fiskerleje - Struer

East of Humlum, at Humlum Fishing Village & Camping, you'll find the idyllic Humlum Fishing Village with charming old fishing houses. In front of the typical Swedish-red fishing houses, where fishing used to take place, there is now a lovely child-friendly sandy beach. At the campsite, there is a shop where you can buy ice cream, beer, water, and groceries.

At the campsite, a dinghy/marina has been constructed. Here, a boat ramp has been built, from which launching/retrieving of boats and dinghies can be done with your own car or the site's tractor. Additionally, it is possible to refuel fresh water. It is also possible to rent space for boats/dinghies during the holiday period and use the campsite's facilities.


From Struer, take main road A11 for 7 km north. Turn right directly from A11 at the Humlum Fishing Village & Camping sign.

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