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Hvidbjerg Dune Plantation in Thy National Park

Hvidbjerg Klitplantage in National Park Thy invites to beautiful nature experiences.

Visit, for example, Per Madsen's Kær, which is a shallow bathing lake suitable for children.

Activities: 5 marked hiking trails - between 2 and 8.5 km.

One of the marked routes in Hvidbjerg Plantage has been laid out with special regard to wheelchair users.

In addition, many forest roads are in such good condition that you can travel on them in a wheelchair most of the year.

There is primitive accommodation where hikers, cyclists and riders can settle down for a night or two.

Bathing lake - ideal for families with children
Per Madsens Kjær is a very used bathing and excursion place. The lake is shallow.

The water is very clean and the lake contains plant species such as two-pipe lobelia and bream food.


Per Madsen's Kjær (lake) in Hvidbjerg Plantation is a popular swimming and picnic spot. The water is very clean and hosts plants such as water lobelia, etc


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