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Icebreakers and interim activities

A long meeting day can be mentally demanding - so do you need a break...?


A long all-day meeting can be mentally draining: actively taking part and concentrating in a way you are not used to, having to absorb new information and maybe meeting new people.
Icebreakers and energising activities are ways of bringing participants together in a short time to give them new energy and new focus with help from short entertaining exercises. These activities can be a fun and effective way of loosening up the conversation, revitalising the participants, as well as allowing social interaction, which often encourages creativity.

The activities take from 5-60 minutes and can be applied in larger or smaller meetings. The longer activities can be used to start the day, after lunch or as an end to the meeting. The shorter activities require a minimum of preparation and can therefore be quickly finished to give the participants an energising short break before continuing the meeting.
These icebreakers and interim activities can also be combined with other experiences offered by Klatretræ.dk for a longer team building exercise later the same day.

Group size:
8-100 pers.


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