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Jyllandsakvariet i Thyborøn

Aquarium with fish from the North Sea and the Limfjord and many other experiences.

Experiences at the aquarium

At JyllandsAkvariet (Jutlands Aquarium) you get an up-close encounter with the many different and colourful fish species that live in the North Sea and the Limfjord.

Come, see, touch, follow and help feed the fish that swim around and live well in the aquariums in Thyborøn.

Maybe you dare to grab a crab or stroke a catshark on its back?

On certain days, you can help feed the sharks, rays, and flatfish in our touch pools. Explore our children’s submarine and go searching for amber on our indoor beach. You may keep the amber you find.

Trips in the nature around Thyborøn

Nature safari: Join us and experience the great nature around Thyborøn when we go on a nature safari by tractor bus. We drive out into the Limfjord along an embankment where we explore and take a closer look at the fish and small animals on shallow water near the water’s edge. If we’re lucky we can see a special bird or a cute seal on the way.

Seal safari: Enjoy the nature from the seaside and see the seals up-close while they are resting on the sand banks when we go on a seal safari in our fastgoing boats with glass windows in the bottom.

Amber safari: Have a breath of fresh air from the North Sea on one of our amber safaris – where you get good advice about where, how, and when you can find amber along the West Coast.

Nature safari by tractor bus in Husby Dune Plantation: Join us on a Nature safari and experience the special nature and diverse animal life by Vedersø Klit and Husby Klitplantage. We have trips to suit any preferences – hear about the sand dunes, landscape, and animal life from a nature guide. The tractor bus takes different routes depending on the time of year.
Oyster safari: Our oyster safari is one of our most popular tours. One of the best delicacies, the Limfjord’s oyster, lives in the waters of the Limfjord. Join us during the oyster season when we gather the oysters and prepare them on a charcoal barbecue as well as taste them raw.

New 2018:

We have expanded our shark’s maternity clinic – come and see the shark’s eggs and baby sharks from the ”maternity ward” to daycare until they swim around in the big aquariums.

Open all year – activities all year round.

If you’re a group, family, friends who want an unforgetable experience, you’re welcome to call us or send an email. We’re always ready to plan a day to suit your wishes.




Vesterhavsgade 16

7680  Thyborøn

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