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The Kattegatcentre on Djursland

Are you ready for a sea of experiences? Let yourself be surrounded by sharks, watch the seals romp around in their natural environment, paddle in a kayak on the deepest polar ocean and learn more about how you can take good care of the sea’s wildlife.

Penguins in a world of their own

The large penguin exhibit at the Kattegatcentre is one of the only ones in the world where you can get up close to the subantarctic penguins. On the first floor, you stand in the midst of their cold, noisy, and smelly world, while below, you can enjoy the tranquility and spectacular sight as the world's fastest penguins spread their wings and glide through the water.

BITE... There's a catch!

Come and join in when the action-packed daily program includes feeding, training, and exciting stories about the fascinating life in the sea. Every day, you can witness the feeding and training of the sharks in the large tropical shark tank. Watch as shark fins cut through the water and see the menacing set of teeth snatch flatfish from the hands of the animal keeper. If you want to get water on your face, get up close, or surround yourself in the shark tunnel, where there are only 6 cm between you and the sharks!

Get up close

Every day, the hustle and bustle of Kattegat's fish are fed in the massive Oceanarium, so give the diver a high-five - he has treats for everyone. Also, meet the Garden Expert, who will bring you closer to the marvelous sea creatures than ever before!

Playful seals and water playground

The Kattegatcentre continues outside - yes, all the way to the Kattegat Sea! Here, you can fall in love with the talented, playful seals as they snatch herring and learn their letters. On the playground, large marine animals are ready for a game of hide-and-seek, while children can splash and play in the water playground and build sandcastles in the sandbox. During the summer vacation, both you and the children can catch a crab that can pinch!

200 species of marine animals

You can also get up close to 200 marvelous, colorful species of marine animals - from the tiniest jellyfish to the large sand tiger shark and all his friends. And at the Kattegatcentre, you don't just look through the window - there are open aquariums with splashes of water, smells, and sounds, and in the touch pools, you can pet a shark, play hide-and-seek with the flatfish, and hold hands with crabs.

Everything from sky to sea

You can also compete, learn, and even stand inside the mouth of a prehistoric shark in a world of exciting, interactive exhibitions. Or how about putting on a diving suit and diving into deep water - or even staying overnight and having a race with the sharks? Numerous exciting special events await you!

Winter bathing

The Kattegatcentre is open year-round and also offers winter bathing.

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