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Klinte Church

The lovely church close to Nærå Fjord offers a sacred spring, fascinating frescoes and a true miracle!

Klinte Church is built  about year 1200 in square stone with late Gothic cross arms of monk stone. It has been rebuilt many times since and was last renovated in 2003. The tower was built during the Reformation. The entrances from the sides of the ship have been bricked up, and in recent times an entrance to the tower room with vestibule was built.

From 1687, Klinte Church has been under the Jerstrup estate, which later became part of the county Gyldensteen and was owned by this estate until 1916.

Klinte Church has stood on a cliff overlooking the sea before the area was dammed. There is a sacred spring close by, which is consecrated to the holy Norwegian king Saint Olav. In 1634, the parish priest Hans Bang told of a miracle in the church, namely that blood had been found on the altar cloth, which was perceived as the blood of Jesus.

Worth seeing:

  • Romanesque granite baptismal font.
  • Charming rococo-style altarpiece from 1781, which consists of a perspectivist architectural illusion and in the middle shows the burial of Jesus and above that, the Ascension.
  • The front of the altar table is a carved woodwork from around the year 1600; the altarpieces are the same age.
  • In the west wall of the south chapel there is a tombstone from the 17th century over Niels Bang, parish priest for 50 years and master provost for 20 years, and his wife Karen Knudsdatter. On the upper half of the stone, one sees the risen Christ with the victory flag.
  • Several sections of a large fresco from the late Middle Ages have been uncovered on the east wall of the south chapel. The fresco depicts various scenes from the life and legend of the holy King Olav.

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