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Knuthenborg Safaripark - The Evolution Museum

The Museum of Evolution at Knuthenborg Safari Park takes you on a fascinating journey through 300 million years of animal life. Experience the allosaur ‘Big Joe’ - an impressive 9 metre long and one and a half tonne heavy, fearsome carnivore.

The Evolution Museum is an impressive museum located in Knuthenborg Safari Park where you can experience sensational finds of large ancient skeletons. The museum invites you on a 300 million year journey where you can gain insight into the history of evolution in a completely new and interactive way.

The exhibition combines light and sound art with a sensational olfactory universe where you can smell everything from bloody and foul odours to earthy and swampy smells. This multi-sensory approach adds a new dimension to the storytelling and makes your visit a completely different experience.

Step into the world of dinosaurs where you can marvel at some of the world's largest and most well-preserved dinosaur skeletons, including the famous Allosaurus named Big Joe. The best preserved specimen ever found, Big Joe was a feared predatory dinosaur that dominated his ecosystem. His skeleton, which is more than 95% intact, testifies to the majestic size and power of these prehistoric animals.

Also visit the impressive Ice Age giants and the strange-looking Permian animals. The museum presents over 30 spectacular skeletons that provide a unique insight into the history of Earth's wildlife.

Whether you are young or old, historically interested, scientifically curious, or just love a good experience, the museum will undoubtedly leave you with an unforgettable experience.

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