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Køge River Path

Køge Å-stien offers a beautiful and diverse route through forests, marshes, villages, and open landscapes. Route 90 is a 22 km long cycling and walking path that follows Køge Å and Ås from Køge to Humleore and onwards to Borup Station.

The hike along Køge River can be continued directly into Ringsted Municipality, where a hiking route has been established, connecting to the Køge River Trail, making it a total of 50 kilometers long.

Køge River Path provides a pretty, varied experience – going through woodland, along bogs, through villages and offering views of the open countryside. The path - Route 90 – is a c. 22 km cycling and walking path following Køge River and Ridge from Køge to Humleore and further on to Borup Station.

Description of the path
Three folders – in Danish - Køge Å stien 1, 2 and 3 describe the entire course, providing an insight into the natural and cultural history connected with the area and experienced on the tour.




Traffic regulations
It is only permitted to use Køge River Path on foot or bike. On some shorter stretches, the walking path and the cycling path are separated.

The path is marked out with wooden posts and blue metal signs.

Access for walking impaired
A wheelchair and walking friendly path also gives the walking impaired the opportunity to experience nature and the cultural history of Gammelkjøgegaard Manor.

The path runs through the wood, following the gravel path past Gammelkjøgegaard and on through the beautiful lime avenue. It is possible to take a rest on benches in several places along the path.

Spending the night near Køge River Path
Accommodation near Køge River Path is possible in several ways: in the open on the shelter camp off Spanagervej (No. 24 in the folder Køge Å stien 2) or with a roof over your head at Køge Hostel.


P-plads Ølbyvej: 55.46103 / 12.172056

Parkering v/ Ejbyvej: 55.473058 / 12.071417

Parkering v/ Skovhusvænge: 55.466715 / 12.077372

Parkering v/ Vestre Ringvej: 55.463805 / 11.983391

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