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Kreacaféen at Bjørnø

Open from 31 May 2024 from 11-17 every day

Welcome to "KreaCaféen" on Bjørnø, an idyllic retreat for creative souls and anyone in need of a rest and a good cup of coffee. Step into an atmosphere of cosiness and creative expression where you can let your imagination and creativity run free while immersing yourself in a range of fun and enriching activities.

Our café is not only a place where you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, tea, cake, beer, wine, soft drinks or snacks, but also a creative hub where you can explore different forms of artistic expression.

Take a seat at one of our tables and choose from a variety of creative workshops and activities. Make your own unique prints on recycled clothing, paint beautiful patterns on recycled cups and stones from the beach or create beautiful jewellery to wear with pride.

For those seeking contemplation and tranquillity, you can also immerse yourself in creating beautiful mobiles made from stones, shells and driftwood from the nearby beach. Be inspired by the beauty of nature and create your own work of art while listening to the lapping waves and feeling the gentle sea breeze.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, there's something for every taste and skill level at KreaCaféen. We are always ready to guide and inspire you through your creative adventures.

At KreaCaféen we're not just about creativity and cosiness, but also about sustainability and respect for our environment. That's why we always strive to use as many recycled and organic materials as possible in our activities and in the café in general.

Our second-hand clothes are carefully selected from local second-hand shops and markets, and we encourage our guests to bring their own second-hand items (clothes, mugs, bowls etc.) for creative projects. In this way, we reduce our environmental footprint and give old things new life through artistic expression.

In the café, we serve organic coffee freshly made from carefully selected beans grown with respect for nature and the environment. We use everything we can from the island's own pantry: our tea is made from herbs gathered on the island. Our cakes and snacks are also made from organic and/or local ingredients (e.g. pesto and fillings made from beach herbs and seaweed) so you can enjoy a delicious bite with a clear conscience.

So come and experience the peaceful atmosphere and inspiring creativity at KreaCaféen on Bjørnø. A place where art, nature and presence are beautifully combined.


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