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Kuhlmann Fritid og Cykler

Here you'll find all the necessary equipment and clothes for anyone who loves the active life outdoors by fishing, hunting and cycling. You can also have your bike repaired, and you can also buy dog food and accessories for your dog!

Great shop with 3 in one. Bikes - Clothes for hunting and leisure as well as fishing tackle

Here you can buy new bikes and bike equipment, and the bikes can be repaired in the workshop.

You can also buy clothes for hunting and leisure, from the brands Deerhunter & Gateway1.

You can also buy fishing tackle: A small selection for sea and coastal fishing and Put and Take fishing.

Opening hours:

1 April to 30 September:
Monday to Friday from 9 to 17.30
Saturday from 9-12
Sundays Closed

1 October to 31 March:
Monday to Friday from 10 to 17.30
Saturdays & Sundays Closed

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