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Lama Glas

Since 2002, Laura Madsen has run the glass blowing company, LaMa Glas. Simple forms and bright colours characterise her signature style. The shop is open on Sundays 11-14 all year round or by appointment. 

LaMa Glas was founded in 2002. Laura Madsen who owns and runs the workshop was educated at Orrefors glassworks in Sweden and Venice.

Her style is characterised by simple shapes and bright, vivid colours. Her attractive results are often achieved through a combination of different techniques. Throughout history glass has had a wide variety of applications drinking glass, bottles, art, windows etc. and to this very day, glass remains an integral and indispensable part of our daily lives. Visitors can watch the fascinating and exciting process of transforming raw glass into art and functional glassware at the LaMa glass glassworks and put questions to glass blowers, who will be happy to answer them. Move closer to the heat and witness this elegant, several thousand-year-old craft at work.

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