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Langeland Posters

Langeland posters - Love for Langeland on your wall. Designed locally on Langeland. In our range you will find the beautiful graphic BY posters with local motifs from towns on Langeland. Photo art posters of the beautiful Langeland nature and the 'Langeland & Sydfyn' poster with an overview of the South Funen Archipelago.

Unique posters from Langeland

At LANGELANDSPLAKATER, our goal is to create beautiful posters that fit your home or holiday home. The love of LANGELAND is at the centre of all the posters. The people behind LANGELANDSPLAKATER live, work and live on the island - you can sense this local knowledge in the posters.

We offer more

Langelandsplakater started out by producing posters with local city motifs from Langeland. Today, we have several different poster series in different genres. In addition, we also sell MAPS and fridge magnets. We are passionate about showcasing the beauty of Langeland, and this is reflected in the new products that come from us every year.

Webshop and retailers

You can find the entire range on the webshop: www.langelandsplakater.dk - A selection of the posters can be found at local retailers around the island (see the retailer list on the website).

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