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The Lille Vildmose Centre

In the middle of Lille Vildmose you find Lille VIldmosecenter - a living dissemination center that provides insight into the natural and cultural values of the bog. The Lille Vildmose Center is the natural starting point for a visit to the bog and offers a range of family-friendly experiences. E.g. 

- visit the new experience room for the Nordic Champions - the Moose and the Red Deer
- watch movies og the bog, its plants and animals in the cinema
- fly in the eagle simulator
- look at plants and animals in the nature workshop

Entrance ticket to Lille Vildmosecentret must be purchased at the reception desk. The ticket provides access to the center's activities, nature playground, exhibition and wildlife feedings.

The area is a holiday pearl with beautiful nature: the Kattegat, Mariager Fjord, Rold Skov, Lille Vildmose and much more.

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