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Lyng Church

The church was consecrated in 1994, the architects being Inger and Johannes Exner, who have made their mark on more recent Danish church architecture by designing several church buildings.
The octagonal font is from Erritsø church, and was most probably used as vessel for holy water during the Catholic period. The masonry is remarkable for its extremely attractive pattern. The cross on the altar was designed and erected by the artist Bent Exner. It is made of brightly polished steel and decorated with steel chains and 320 gilt silver balls. Lyng church is supported by a very elegant wooden construction. It is fantastic architecture! It is said that the model for the design is the copper beech which stands immediately next to the church. As one stands in the interior of the church, one senses the tree ever more strongly: the tree of life which, as the centre bears not only this church but rather the whole world in its crown. The tree of life grows on both sides of the river of life and bears eternal fruit as a sign of reconstitution and eternity. The tree which bears Lyng church symbolises the permanent, the eternal, the immovable which survives from generation to generation.

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