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The Marguerit Route in North Thy

The Marguerit Route - The Daisy Route - passes some of the most exciting sights and the most beautiful nature Nordthy has to offer. in North Thy.

The Marguerite Route is a signposted tourist route that leads past some of the most exciting attractions and beautiful landscapes. Although it is for motor vehicles, it can also be enjoyed from the saddle of a bike.

From the island of Mors you come over Vildsundbroen to Thy. From here the Marguerit Route leads on towards Thisted, with only a little way, via a small detour, to Thy's capital town, Thisted.

The Marguerit Route then turns left at Vorupørvej right through Thy, all the way to the coast road, where it then turns north. Here you can drive off, and into, the coastal town of Vorupoer.

To the north, the route will lead through a section of Thy National Park, which is characterized by dunes and plantations on both sides. Bøgsted Rende is one of those places - it is strongly recommended you make a turn, towards the coast, where there is a parking just behind the dunes, and where you have the opportunity to get some good walks in the dunes and to the beach.

The picture below shows one of the signs referring to the Marguerit Route.

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