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Market day in Bogense

Every Thursday all year round there is a cozy market on the old town square in Bogense in front of the church, where you can buy a little bit of everything!

Thursday is market day in Bogense all year round. You can buy lots of delicious goods in the old beautiful market square. You can find fruit, vegetables, flowers, cheese, clothes, handmade goods and other items.  It's worth a look!

You can buy lots of things at the market in the Bogense town square in front of the church.

The square belongs to the oldest part of the city and is one of the most well-preserved Danish town squares with the large open square, the small houses and the old water pump in the middle.

Before Easter and Ascension Thursday, the market will be held on Tuesday instead of Thursday.


Opening hours:

Open every Thursday at 9 AM- 2:30 PM

Please note that it is best to come before noon if you want to be sure that the vendors have all the goods.

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