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Marstang Café & Bar

At Ida & Camilla at Marstang Café & Bar you can enjoy their delicious bread bowls, homemade cakes and both hot and cold drinks.

The menu at Marstang Café consists of bread bowls, which are hollowed-out sourdough bread filled with soups and stews. In addition, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee, homemade cake, and, of course, delicious drinks and fine wine.

There are also vegan delights and homemade sweets on the menu. All ingredients are carefully chosen, and the two owners' passion for food and quality ingredients shines through on the inviting menu.

The two owners opened the café with a desire to bring life and a lot of positive vibes to the town year-round. At the café, you can often experience various events such as live music or quiz evenings.

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