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Meyers Bageri, Jægersborggade

The Danish chef and entrepreneur, Claus Meyer, along with a baker and a confectioner has opened the little delicious Meyers Bageri bakery in Jægersborggade in Copenhagen.

Here you can buy organic bread, freshly ground flour and cakes. The bakery opens early in the morning, and is often crowded - there is only room for five people.

But it seems that people are okay with waiting, knowing they will get the very best bread and cake. Especially the cinnamon rolls "kanelsnurrer" made with Valrhona chocolate is worth waiting for.

Here you will find more Meyers Bageri bakeries in Copenhagen

Gl. Kongevej 107, 1850 Frederiksberg

Classensgade 33, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Amagerbrogade 48, 2300 Copenhagen S

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