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Møldrup Activity spot

Møldrup Bål- og aktivitetsplads is a small campsite near Rold Skov, Villestrup lake, Store Blåkilde and Madum sø. The place has two shelters, place for a bonfire and a compost toilet. There are multiple tables and benches and several places on the paths around, you will also be able to find benches with a idyllic view. The place also has the possibility for you to have your horses along with you, while you spend the night.

There is 1 kilometre marked paths with a lot of different bird-boxes. Around the paths you can find information about the nature around the place.
The cycling route 27 and the Marguerite route is close to the campsite, and also close to the area 'Natura 2000' around Villestrup lake.  

How to find it: From Arden; Follow Ardenvej on the way to Astrup until Birkevel comes to your left. Almost at the end of Birkholmvej is the campsite.
From Skørping; Follow Møldrupvej on the way to Astrup and Hadsund. In Møldrup Birkholmvej to your right - almost at the end of Birkholmvej is the campsite.

Contact is not neccesary, but if you have any troubles, please contact Alan Phipps +45 61 99 03 65 or Poul Erik Willadsen  +45 4033 3947

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