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The Musicon site in Roskilde is a former concrete factory, which in 2008
started its transformation into becoming Roskilde’s new cultural quarter.
Musicon presently houses close to 50 groups of actors within the creative
fields such as dance, artist networks, skate hall, student accommodation and
rehearsal rooms for bands.

The area covers approx. 250.000 m2 equalling 40 football grounds including
15.000 m2 industrial halls and other buildings suitable for events of all
kinds. Visitors can free of charge visit Musicon’s giant activity park, Rabalder Park, with skate areas, hammocks, trampolines etc.

The large indoor skate area, Hal 12, is a draw for kids and young
people from large parts of Zealand. Hal 12 is open four times a week.

There are a lot of events at Musicon, such as concerts,
dance shows, children’s theater, flea markets, debates, art shows, skate shows, street parties etc. Musicon keeps growing, and more and more projects are on the way.

Situated close to the motorway and only 12 minutes walk from the railway station, Musicon offers easy access to all its areas and activities.   

For temporary activities at Musicon, please check out the homepage.

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