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(The North Forest)

The forest is mainly known for its old oaks: Kongeegen, Storkeegen og Snogegen (The King’s Oak, The Stork Oak and The Twisted Oak). It is owned by the King Frederik the VII's Foundation in Jægerspris, and cycling and walking are permitted in the forest. If you come by car, you can park by the church in the village of Skoven and follow the yellow-marked route through the forest. The route passes the Kongens Jagtpavillon (the King’s Hunting Lodge), then Bredvig Mose (a marsh), which gives you an idea of how the area looked in ancient times. The route then passes the ancient oaks and you finally arrive back at the car park.  

Forest maps can be purchased at Rejsestalden Jægerspris and at Jægerspris Castle.

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