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NOVASOL Holiday Home Rental

NOVASOL holiday home rental on Læsø

Take a holiday on one of Denmark's most beautiful islands together with NOVASOL, and experience the (ultimate) freedom and flexibility that you only get when you rent a private holiday or holiday home.

At NOVASOL, you will always find a good selection of beautiful holiday and holiday homes on Læsø, waiting to form the framework of tomorrow's holiday memories for you and your loved ones. All our houses are unique, but what they have in common is that they serve as an ideal starting point for exploring Læsø and all that the island has to offer.

Læsø is a visit all year round, but especially in the summer months, the population multiplies when visitors from near and far make pilgrimages there. If you have questions about Læsø and need help finding the right house, you are always welcome to contact our local office on the island.

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