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Øster Hassing Church

Øster Hassing Church is a red stone church from 1880. The church was drawn by architect Gnutzmann, who also designed Church of Our Lady in Aalborg. The church was built after the old one deteriorated.


The altar motif is a copy of C. Bloch and portrays the walk to Emmaus. The pulpit is from the 1600s and was originally installed in the old Øster Hassing church. The old church was supposed to be renovated in 1877, but was found too deteriorated to survive the restoration. Therefore the new church was built a bit closer to the town.

The only original piece brought from the old church to the new is the baptismal font. Stylistically, this font seems to be from before year 1300, which could indicate that there might have been a wooden church before the old church was built.

The Old Cemetery

About a kilometer west of the new church is an old cemetery, where the former Øster Hassing church was located. The cemetery wall is still present, but there is no trace of the old church. Only a few tombstones hint at what was here once.

Little is known of the old church, except that it was made with yellow bricks, and that there was a bell tower. This bell tower must have had a medieval bell, which was most likely taken by King Frederik I in 1526. He was infamous for melting down church bells and turning them into cannonballs and bullets, which he also did to the bell in Ulsted Church.

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