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Ove Sø

Lake Ove Sø in Thy is part of the Hvidbjerg Å system - a continuous system of streams, canals and lakes that stretch from Sjørring in the north to Krik Vig in the south.

Lake Ove Sø is located in Thy on the border between Sydthy Municipality and Thisted Municipality. Most of the lake's large catchment area consists of intensively cultivated agricultural areas, but there are also smaller areas with meadows, heaths and dune plantations.

Canoeing on Ove Sø
From 15 June to New Year, it is allowed to sail in a canoe or kayak both on Ovesø and in the rest of the Hvidbjerg Å system. In Sønderhå Plantage there are shelters and campfire sites, which can be used free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis.

Angling in Ove Sø
The beach to Ove Sø next to Sønderhå Plantage is the only public area of Ove lake where angling in the lake is allowed. Ove Lake is a relatively nutrient-rich lake, which has an impact on which fish thrive here. In the lake there are especially shells, bream, pikeperch and pike.

If you are between 18 and 65 years old, you must have a valid angling license. Angling license valid for a day, a week or a year can be bought at Thy Tourist Office, among other places.

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