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Photo spot - Søren Jessens Sand

Søren Jessens Sand, Fanø

Bring your camera on a hike along the endless rows of sand dunes on the northernmost part of Fanø's wide sandy beach on the west coast.

Here, the beach is more than 1 km wide and looks like a sandy desert. You can really feel the power of nature, which shapes the dune landscape and the beach in an absolutely spectacular way. An impressive dynamic, where the wind transports large amounts of sand back and forth. It is a great experience to see the sandblasting, which looks like an undulating carpet of sand. This can look absolutely amazing caught on camera.

You can park at Fanø Bad, after which you can walk out the long path along the inner row of dunes to Søren Jessens Sand, where the bathing paths take you through the salt marsh to the coast.

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