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Webshop with sale of pipes and tobacco.

We have been selling pipes and tobacco for more than 50 years.

For many years as a department in the grocery store in Vorupør. In parallel, we established ourselves online with a webshop. When we closed the grocery store, we took the plunge and went over to just selling online. However, we have a showroom in Vorupør, so if you belong to the pipe smokers who would like to see and feel before you buy, contact us by phone or mail, and we will find a time when we can meet.

We are among the largest pipe and tobacco traders in Denmark, and have always been known as the place where you get great value for money, with personal and professional advice as a matter of course. We have pipes from under SEK 100 to well over 1.000 DKK, but are best in the price group 200 - 800 DKK, where you get very quality for the money. If you are unsure about which type fits best and what benefits the different brands and shapes have, then look at our website, where there are many small guiding videos. Here you can also sign up for our newsletter.

As a member of My Own Blend, we have access to the very best tobacco and blends. In addition to the many standard blends, we ourselves have developed over 40 blends which range from the mild and aromatic to the more plump and clean. Out of the over 100 stores in My Own Blend, we are among the 5 largest retailers.

We do not want to motivate anyone to smoke; But if you have chosen to smoke and are over 18, we would like to guide you.

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