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Pomle Nakke Restaurant and Hesnæs Havn Spisehal

High up on the cliff and facing the sea sits the traditional restaurant Pomle Nakke, while the sister restaurant Hesnæs Havn Spisesal, Bageri & Kolonial has opened its gates only 800 metres down the coast.

The menu at Pomle Nakke challenges the taste experience of the traditional menu. The love for food here is palpable, and the restaurant prefers to use good quality, local produce from the well-stocked and lush pantry of Falster.

Just 30 km or so from the Farø Bridge, you’ll find this unique restaurant in the silence of the forest with a view of the Baltic Sea. The roar of the sea and the tranquillity of the forest create a unique atmosphere at the restaurant, creating an incomparable setting in which to enjoy the wonderful cuisine and good wine.

There are good opportunities for swimming close to Pomle Nakke, and the charming harbour town of Hesnæs is well worth a visit.

Here, the gates have been opened to three net houses on the small harbour. One of these, Køkkenhallen, has a bakery, patisserie and kitchen and in neighbouring Spisehallen you can enjoy light dishes in a laid-back atmosphere. Pick up a fresh loaf of sourdough bread, buy a cake, get takeaway dinners, or sit with a cold beer, a good glass of wine or a cup of coffee, and enjoy the view.

During the year, there will be various events at both Pomle Nakke and Hesnæs Harbour.

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