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Rabarbergaarden at Frederiksborg Castle

The Rhubarb Farm at Frederiksborg Castle is a recently established organic restaurant located in the former carriage port behind the Lord's House.

The building housing the Rhubarb Farm was built around 1600 as a carriage port with a small stable. Later, it served as a residence for the bailiff, and since 1971, it has been an inn.

The restaurant, known for its idyllic atmosphere, farm shop, and bakery in Vejby in North Zealand, now offers a sustainable gastronomic experience in the museum restaurant at Frederiksborg Castle.

With great love for the history the building tells, the premises have been decorated simply, focusing on craftsmanship in material selection and interior design both indoors and outdoors. Everything from design to planting and decoration reflects the joy of nature and the different seasons.

Look forward to enjoying local, organic produce from a sustainable farm-to-table kitchen in the historic surroundings of the former carriage port and stable building at Northern Europe's largest Renaissance complex, where the restaurant is located.

Opening hours:

Monday – Sunday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Lunch reservations: 11:30 AM - 3:30 PM

The restaurant strives daily to produce and procure the best vegetables, cultivate the finest meat, and catch the most delicate fish. Naturally, organically, and focusing on high quality as their guiding principle.

At Rhubarb Farm, they are always 'With Nature at the Table,' aiming to serve meals produced with respect for the earth, the surrounding nature, and the craftsmanship they cherish.

Why organic?

They work with organic practices because they want to manage the land and ingredients with methods that maintain the balance between what they take from the earth and what they give back. Therefore, in their meals, you can find organic ingredients from all categories, including dairy, vegetables, fruit, meat, bread, cakes, tea, coffee, wine, beer, juice, and soda.

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