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Restaurant Fru Berg

Cosy fish restaurant with beautiful views of the sea and the harbour in Marstal.

Restaurant Fru Berg is located on the harbour in Marstal near the ferry landing. From the restaurant's large outdoor terrace you can enjoy the view of the sea and watch the many beautiful ships sailing in and out of the small harbour. There might even be a beautiful old wooden ship docked in front of the restaurant.

The menu at Fru Berg offers fish and much more. You can get freshly caught plaice from the local fisherman and sometimes turbot, lumpfish roe and cod. If you're not so keen on fish, other delicious dishes are also on offer. There is also an inviting children's menu for the youngest members of the family.

Every day, delicious Ærø pancakes are baked and served with homemade gooseberry compote and flavourful vanilla ice cream.

If you're on Ærø, stop by Restaurant Fru Berg and enjoy a good dinner in the charming surroundings.

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