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Røverknolden playground


At the playground you can find a slide, zip wire and much more. Furthermore, a ‘senses-path’ has been created, with themes from H. C. Andersen's fairy tale Thumbelina. Here, you can find Thumbelina herself, and the swallow and toad from the story, among other animals. There are also large mushrooms, trolls and witches carved and painted on wood and from stone.   

You will also find instruments outdoors, where you can test your musical abilities. 

There are also tables and benches, along with a fireplace.  

How to find the playground

The playground is located in the middle of Rold Forest and thus, does not have an address. However, there is a parking lot close to the playground. The parking lot is located right outside Rebild, when going towards Skørping, on Rebildvej 4. 

The playground is located a few hundred meters inside the forest. It is not allowed to drive to Røverknolden.

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