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Samsø Marks Sustainability

For five successive years, Samsø has hosted Den Bæredygtige Festival (the Sustainability Festival). The festival is created on a basis of diversity and voluntariness

For many years, Samsø has been a pioneering island when it comes to developing sustainable solutions for nature and the environment, and, by way of example, the island has been 100% self-sufficient using renewable energy since 2007.

Sustainability is a lot more than windmills, however, and every year Samsø marks this feature with a special festival. The Samsø Bæredygtig Festival is operated by a wide group of local pioneers extending from enthusiasts of electric cars to ecologists and advocates of permaculture. They all share one goal, to advance local sustainability on the island with joint efforts, and everyone is invited to take part in the positive development.

Is Your Way of Life Sustainable?
The festival will take place between 10th-11th June, 2017, at the Energy Academy. In the best festival style, the programme will progessively be revealed during the spring of 2017, but the board has already unveiled a number of the sustainable activities to come. For instance, the people behind “Organic Samsø” will meet the public and provide further information about the opening of a new slaughterhouse. In addition, the festival will lead sustainability in new directions with a sustainable life check, and there will be a presentation of the thoughts behind farming supported by the community. Additionally, true to tradition, people will have a chance to test-drive electric cars and electric bicycles, and families can satisfy their hunger at “The Sustainable Café”.

Samsø Award
As a new feature, the festival, in collaboration with Aarhus, the European Capital of Culture, will hand out a new award named The Samsø Award. This award has been developed by Samsø Energy Academy in close collaboration with a number of European partners, aiming to reward great examples of sustainability carried into practice. Both Danish and international projects will be considered for the award, and this honour includes a seat in a large network of operators of sustainability across Europe.

Read more about the Samsø Bæredygtig Festival on samsoe-baeredygtig-festival.dk

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