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Seaside Toldboden

Seaside Toldboden is ready with a whole new concept, where they ask you to join them on a gastronomic journey around the World. 

At Seaside Toldboden you'll find seven kitchens, which offer culinary experiences from all over the world. 

Seaside Toldboden has allied with seven cooks with former Michelin experience from different corners of the world, and who wish to create a close relationship between the guests and the kitchen. Seaside Tolboden mixes the informal atmosphere and technique from street food with the greatest techniques from the restaurants in a wish to create an authentic experience. The meals are served in surroundings, which are inspired by the area of Nordre Toldbod, and where the maritime details are essential both indoor and outdoor. 

Seaside Toldboden has open kitchens, where you may come close to the creations of your gastronomic experiences. Therefore, you may join the cooks, when they create and serve their personal versions of oysters, shellfish, ceviche, sushi, grilled monkfish, tomahawks, and much more.

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